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Wrapping Up Wellness Week!

National Wellness Week is September 11-17. This initiative was launched utilizing the “Eight Dimensions of Wellness,” established by Dr. Peggy Swarbrick, Associate Director at Rutgers’ Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies and Research Professor, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. Often in the fast-paced movement of everyday life—work, family, keeping commitments—some of our strategies to maintain wellness fall off. This week is a timely reminder to practice rituals, habits, and routines, as everyone can benefit from them. The eight categories of wellness include: Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Social, Spiritual, Occupational, Physical, and Intellectual.

The residents we serve at CGE are encouraged to pick a domain to highlight each week throughout the month of September. Staff have also been invited and encouraged to partake in this initiative. I have shared with my team that this week I will prioritize my Environmental Wellness. My office has an aromatherapy diffuser that changes color, Chinese medicine balls, fidget toys, various aromatherapy oils, a daily inspirational calendar, stress balls, and a “Thank You” card as a reminder of the impact we have on the lives of others. Residents often utilize these tools and then discuss creating a more calming, invitational space in their own rooms and personal space.

calming tools

As essential workers, we, at CGE, try to also incorporate social, occupational, emotional, and intellectual domains into our everyday practice, as these help to maintain a sense of camaraderie, support, and togetherness during a very difficult time. It takes a village! Residents and staff alike are a part of our community of wellness!