According to the National Coalition on Homelessness, almost 300,000 of America's homeless are women, mostly struggling with addiction and/or mental illness Why be honest? Because I know healing will follow... Between stimulus and response there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. -Viktor E. Frankl

The Center for Great Expectations

"A safe place, a safe presence and a safe path" for
homeless, pregnant or parenting, adult women and adolescents,
and their children to overcome, and break, the destructive generational cycle of  trauma, abuse, homelessness and addiction.
We Provide
♥ Trauma-Informed Care, integrated with Parent Infant Mental Health
♥ The Nurtured Heart Approach®
♥ Individualized treatment plans that meet each client's needs
♥ Secure, supportive, homelike setting
♥ Dedicated staff, including Doctoral & Masters level clinicians
♥ Low staff-to-client ratio
♥ Onsite Child Development Center - Katy's Place
♥ A Continuum of Care, from Residential, through Outpatient and Supportive Housing
Our Goals include...
▲ Having a healthy baby or reunification
▲ Overcoming past challenges, including extensive trauma & abuse
▲ Growing self-esteem & spirituality
▲ Becoming a nurturing mother
▲ Developing coping, recovery, parenting & life skills
…. to "break the cycle", and embrace the next right step
for herself and her child.
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We are the only 501(c)(3) in New Jersey that provides this combination of individualized treatment and services to this vulnerable population of young mothers from throughout the state.

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