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Adult Residential

We open our doors, and our arms, to pregnant and parenting women and their children up to age 6 who seek treatment for substance use and mental health disorders.

Only 2% of all programs in the US allow moms to stay with their children during substance use and mental health treatment. We’re proud to be part of that 2%.

Many of the women who walk through the doors of our Adult Residential house are homeless. Many, along with their children, have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and other trauma and are in need of integrated substance use and mental health treatment.

Embracing pregnant and parenting women and their young children, we offer a sanctuary for those in need of our specialized care.

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Our Approach

CGE Relational Recovery Model

Grounded in CGE’s relational recovery model, our approach is crafted to cultivate a safe and nurturing environment, offer trauma-informed care, and encourage empowering relationships supporting each client’s healing journey. Through our Early Relational Health focus, we aim to enhance resilience from pregnancy through a child’s fifth year.

Intent: Strengthen mother-child connection

Goal: Reduce parental stress

Aim: Amplify moments of joy

Adult Residential

Comprehensive family-centered support.

Inclusive Support for Families

Keeping families together by allowing mothers and children to jointly undergo substance use and mental health treatment.

Addressing Homelessness & Trauma

Serving women grappling with homelessness, ACEs, and the need for comprehensive substance use and mental health treatment.

Relational Recovery Model

Creating a safe, nurturing environment for proactive healing through trauma-informed care and empowering relationships.

Early Relational Health

Shifting patterns of intergenerational trauma by nurturing parent-child connection through a strengths-based approach.

Individualized Treatment Planning

Designing a tailored treatment plan prioritizing early recovery and mental health recovery with a family-focused approach.

Outcomes-Based Care

Designing and implementing outcomes-based care through our partnership with Rutgers University School of Social Work.

Adult Residence

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