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Katy’s Place

Child Development Center

We have a special place in our hearts, and in our care, for the children at CGE.

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Katy’s Place

CGE’s on-site licensed child development center provides daily professional child care for all children up to age 6 within the CGE community. This part of our continuum of care makes it possible for mothers to work on their recovery, educational and vocational goals while their littles ones enjoy a safe, nurturing environment, with individualized educational plans.

Since many of the children who come to Katy’s Place have experienced trauma in their young lives, our teachers are trained in evidence-based trauma-informed interventions appropriate for young children. This specialized training, along with individualized education plans, programs and activities that fill each day, help promote the healthy development of each child.

Interesting Fact

Katy’s Place is named in honor of Katy Deitchman, a wonderful young woman who was full of life and loved young children. Katy’s courageous spirit and resolve permeates throughout the child development center and sets the foundation for each child’s learning and growth.

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    Hear about our success stories

    “I love watching the toddlers enjoy themselves as they explore and interact. We are intentional about creating a safe, happy environment that meets the unique needs of children who have experienced trauma. It is heartwarming to see our children flourish in our care.”

    Staff Member

    Katy’s Place Program Team

    “Some of our children’s milestones may seem like typical occurrences in childcare settings, but for our population they reflect great moments. We, at Katy’s Place, witness many of these ‘great moments’ and we celebrate each one of them.”

    Mary Jean DiRoberto

    Katy’s Place Program Manager

    “Observing the transformation in our children as they engage, learn, and grow within Katy’s Place is truly remarkable. Their healthy development is more than just an achievement, but also a testament to the power of relationship-based care.”

    Staff Member

    Katy’s Place Program Team