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Build Back Better Maternal Health Provisions

The Build Back Better Maternal health provisions are long overdue and eagerly anticipated. Several organizations have formed in an effort to combat the rates of maternal mortality in our country—and, as noted in the Call to Action, they are among the highest in the developed world, and are especially high among Black and Native American women, regardless of income or education. New Jersey is ranked 47th in maternal deaths—or third worst in the nation.

Dr. Joia Crear-Perry’s work is centered around a core mission. As a physician, policy expert, thought leader and advocate for transformational justice, as well as the founder and president of the National Birth Equity Collaborative (NBEC), Dr. Crear-Perry’s work identifies and explains racism as a root cause of health inequities. NBEC’s vision statement is, “All Black mamas, their babies, and their villages should THRIVE.”
The Center for Great Expectations salutes the work being done by Dr. Crear-Perry and her team. CGE’s approach to the therapeutic work we do begins with the relationship.

Dr. Joia Crear-Perry
Dr. Joia Crear-Perry

CGE’s Trauma C.A.R.E. Model is designed to foster a culture of safety and nurturance, provide trauma-attuned treatment, facilitate relationships that heal attachment wounds and empower those we serve to participate in their own healing process. Our preventative approach integrates early relational health to provide opportunities to build resilience from gestation through age five by building a secure attachment between parent and child, repairing ruptures that have occurred within the relationship and expanding upon moments of shared joy.

Our Early Relational Health specialists are trained doulas and case managers, offering assistance, support, guidance and care in a meaningful, intentional manner. We are invested in continued education and advocacy as it continues to shape our work and the communities we serve. In turn, we are proud to invest in the families and children in our care as we help to support the next generation.

We look forward to celebrating Black Maternal Health Week April 11-April 17, 2022 to raise our collective voices. The #BMHW22 theme is “Building for Liberation Centering Black Mamas, Families & Systems of Care.”
Build Back Better


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