Katy’s Place

Our Child Development Center – Katy’s Place

Katy’s Place is an on-site licensed child development center that provides daily professional child care, making it possible for each mother to work on her recovery and educational and vocational goals while her child is well cared for in a safe, nurturing environment.

To assure that the children have the best possible care and start in life, Katy’s Place provides programs and an environment where:

Mothers actively participate in their child’s care and work with the Child Development Team to address early child development, healthy mother/child relationships, and Parent Infant Mental Health.

Individual assessment and development plans are established by the Child Development Team, a staff RN, and the mother, with consideration to the specific needs of the child

The Child Development Team also:

Assesses and tracks critical components of a child’s development, such as gross motor, fine motor, social-emotional, language, and sensory skills

Focuses daily on tracking and achieving developmental milestones, identifying and addressing developmental delays, as well as parenting and parent/child relationship

Identifies and coordinates the need for early intervention services

The Center for Great Expectations (CGE) is starting to facilitate Parent Infant Mental Health treatment across all residential programs.

Katy’s Place is named after Katy Deitchman, a wonderful young woman who died at age 24 from a rare cancer. Katy was full of life and loved young children. Since the Child Development Center was being created to house the children of the Center, Katy’s parents felt it would be a fitting legacy for their daughter. Just like Katy, who never gave up and always looked to the future, the infants and children at Katy’s Place are learning, growing, and preparing for their life ahead. Katy’s angels, as we sometimes call them, keep Katy’s memory alive.


Katy’s Place has made a significant difference in the lives of mothers in residential treatment, their children, and even the staff and volunteers.

We are blessed to have Katy’s Place and the program it provides to the little ones who reside with their mothers at CGE.