Adult Program

Our Adult Clients The Adult Program at the Center for Great Expectations is a residential treatment program that serves homeless, pregnant or parenting adult women of New Jersey with substance use disorders, and their children. Sixty percent of our adult clients also have co-occurring mental health disorders. A multi-disciplinary team develops an individual treatment plan for each client to meet the specific needs of the client and her children. Focusing on the health and well-being of both mother and child, treatment includes:
  • Addiction focused treatment that combines evidence-based treatment with Twelve-Step based recovery principles
  • Trauma-informed care with groups facilitated by trained trauma professionals
  • Treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders with a particular focus on the impact of physical and emotional trauma to improve infant/parent mental health
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Psychopharmacologic treatment and management
  • Individual and group counseling to improve self-worth, self-advocacy, emotional regulation and expression, problem solving, and conflict resolution
  • Family counseling to foster healthy relationships and strengthen family bonds
  • Specialized prenatal and medical care
  • Parenting assessments and education based on Parent Infant Mental Health, including early child development and parent-child safety
  • Life-skills training, including budgeting, household management, and goal planning
  • Tutoring to complete the General Educational Development (GED) test
  • Random urine drug screenings
  • Acceptance of women on opioid replacement therapy
  • Nutrition counseling and tobacco cessation support
  • Health and wellness, including exercise, meditation, and spiritual reflection
CGE offers women and their children an opportunity for a healthier, productive, and contributory life. This is a critical step toward breaking the cycle of neglect, abuse, addiction, and homelessness. Our 6- to 9-month residential program allows women in early recovery to have the opportunity to engage in long-term recovery, and demonstrate to DCP&P, the courts, herself, and her children that she is capable of being a healthy, nurturing, and independent mother. Multiple efficacy studies indicate a direct correlation between longer length of stay in specialized residential treatment and an increased rate of sustained recovery. Six months after completing our program, 75% of the women remain sober. This outcome is attributed to CGE’s integrated, individualized treatment programs, professional staff, secure home-like setting, and supportive communal experience. Through our care and services, adult women are able to maintain early recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders, reunite with their children, and take the first steps to achieve independence and self-sufficiency. For more information contact our Adult Program Manager at (732) 247-7003, Ext 329.