We are Green

The 2007-2008  construction of our twin facilities in Somerset realized a two-fold objective:

  • creating a nurturing and protective environment for the women we serve, and
  • incorporating all of the features that earned us the title of “green” by working in  conjunction with the Department of Community Affairs Green Homes program.

Solar panels (a photovoltaic system) reduce the Center’s dependence on the electrical grid and lowered the Center’s utility bills. Additionally, through the Department of Clean Energy, the Center actually sells back any energy that it doesn’t use, further reducing the cost of energy to the Center substantially.

Dustborne allergens and their effects on asthma are reduced through our use of renewable hardwood flooring. The bamboo floors are made from rapidly renewable resources, and do not consist of petroleum or other harmful chemicals, making them friendly to the environment, our pregnant residents, and our babies and children.

By using formaldehyde-free/low-VOC millwork throughout the facilities, our residents and children are not exposed to off-gassing chemicals and their negative impact on indoor air quality.

The use of Hardie Plank siding instead of traditional vinyl siding provides greater durability and resistance to fire, protecting our pregnant residents, and our babies and children. Silica, a very plentiful substance, was used to enhance environmental benefits, as opposed to petroleum-based vinyl.

Our residents and staff are encouraged to recycle everything possible. It is good for the environment and it reduces disposal costs.