Our Story

The Center for Great Expectations (CGE) was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1998 with the mission of providing homeless pregnant women a safe place, a safe presence, and a safe path so they may complete a healthy pregnancy, choose a next right step, and follow through on their plan.

Continuum of Care
Our commitment to providing a continuum of care is demonstrated in exponential growth and service delivery:

1998 –  2 Bedroom/1Bath rented house annually serving 12 mothers and 0 children – Somerville.
With no room for children, the CGE Board plans a capital campaign to expand services over fourfold to provide for more mothers and children

2008 –  Residential Treatment Programs for Adult Women and Adolescents annually serving 24 mothers and 35 babies/children -Somerset
Opening in 2008-2009, two newly built, residential style buildings open, each accommodating 8 mothers and their children

2009 – Katy’s Place – Child Development Center – Annually serving 30 babies and children – Somerset
Providing individualized care for each child in residence

2010 – Outpatient Treatment Program – annually serving up to 80 women – New Brunswick
Providing early intervention and outpatient treatment services for parenting or pregnant women with substance use and co-occurring disorders

2012 – Permanent Supportive Housing – annually assisting 16 mothers and 31 children – Somerset
16 new apartment homes at AvalonSomerset, with supportive case management provided by CGE

2014 – Expansion of Adolescent Program and Katy’s Place
4 additional adolescent mothers, and up to 8 children

CGE is currently operating at full capacity, providing a safe and secure place to hone critical life skills and firmly establish the confidence to rebuild their lives. CGE consistently maintains a waiting list for its residential programs.

CGE is one of only a few licensed programs in New Jersey that welcomes adolescents, adults, and their children.

Professional Staff

CGE’s quality treatment continues to address the evolving needs of the population served. Our dedicated clinicians strive to provide our families with the most advanced clinical approaches available.


We partner with local universities and training programs to provide graduate student and CADC internships.

All clients have carefully developed discharge plans to support their recovery process. Securing a safe and healthy environment for them and their children is a challenge. Returning a family back to their past environment is not conducive to recovery or safety. There is also a long waiting list to enter supportive housing programs in New Jersey. CGE recognizes how crucial Permanent Supportive Housing is to breaking the cycle.


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